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Avoiding Mistakes When Redoing Your Bathroom

You can’t escape the reno. It’s always present, and you’ll always want to improve what you have. Avoid these mistakes during a bathroom reno, and this component of your home will be as good as new.Sometimes we get so excited with the design of our bathroom and want to start the project right away without considering that the space will always be in use.

Remodeling a bathroom from scratch is by no means an affordable project either, and the cost, combined with the general nuisance it causes, can be unpleasant. You won’t want to go through that process again.

Although you may have a clear picture of the bathroom design in your mind, there are several other additional things that should be taken into consideration. For example, ventilation and drainage will not only determine how many toilets or sinks you have in your bathroom, but also they are responsible for keeping it smelling fresh and odor-free.

1. Poor Ventilation

When you have uncovered or paper-covered walls in your bathroom, good ventilation is extremely important. Without it, the wallpaper will peel, and worse, your walls and ceiling could be stained with mold. The bathroom can get pretty steamy sometimes, so it’s important that there are good ventilation options in the space. Consider this when making any renovations. There are quite a few things to take into account when dealing with ventilation. First of all, placement will be on an outside wall since this is the easiest place, and you can install it together with your lighting.

There are many different kinds of ventilation systems available on the market now, such as those that run quietly, detect moisture, and have a variety of heavy-duty options. So, it’s important to consider your options and find the right fixtures for your bathroom.

2. Too Much or Too Little Lighting

Bathroom lighting needs to be adjustable in order to serve many different purposes, such as a place where you get ready in the morning or a soothing room at the end of the day. Too dark and there won’t be enough light to see your face; too bright and it’s not the best environment for relaxation.

You should always aim for even lighting that is distributed at various heights, coming from wall lights on both sides of the mirror to a central light source.

LEDs are also great for highlighting certain areas, like a bathtub or artwork. Poor or insufficient lighting can lead to dark spots where you squint and walk into walls. You won’t be sorry if you decide to install dimmer lights in your home, as it gives you the perfect amount of control over the amount of light and will let you personalize it at any time.

3. Too Much Stuff!

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are looking to install new bathroom fixtures despair because they don’t have the space in their bathrooms. While you might have always dreamed of installing a particular wash basin or vanity, it may not work if you have no room for it.

Make sure there’s plenty of space around each mirror to ensure users can rest comfortably. It doesn’t make sense to get something that looks fancy but doesn’t help with practicality.

If your bathroom is small and space is an issue, consider looking for products with shallower dimensions. They won’t be as deep and will still provide the same level of functionality. If you love to spend time in the bathroom, then you’ll need a spacious space to do it. That usually means giving up your shower and opting for an over-bath model instead.

4. Poor Drainage

Planning your wet room layout requires a few considerations beyond simply picking out the right tiles.

There’s no smoke without fire. You can’t argue with a horror story that’s happened in your house, especially when it was caused by people who don’t know what they’re doing. Just one issue with the drain in your master bathroom can ruin your whole day. So it’s important to choose a design that is right for the size of your room, so you don’t risk an overflow. Talk to a variety of bathroom experts and do some research before settling on a final design.

5. Unsuitable Materials

It can be difficult to choose material for the bathroom. For example, marble might seem like a great idea for a washroom, but it requires cleaning on occasion. If your kids can’t wipe off surfaces before they leave, then don’t risk going with something like marble. It might not be the prettiest room in your house, but it probably needs to contain materials that are hardwearing, hygienic, and easy to clean.

When renovating a bathroom, the most expensive part is usually advice and labor. From an architect to a bathroom designer, builder, tiler, and plumber, up to half of your budget could go on their expertise. It’s no wonder that many people end up doing it themselves (risking the pitfalls along the way).