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Closet Update in 2022

We’ve grown accustomed to connecting trends and fashion together. Whether we admit it or not, trends have a way of influencing the clothes we put in our closets.
Most people don’t realize that closet design can have big effects on what you wear and how many clothes you buy. To find out more, read our guide. Here are the walk-in closet trends that you need to know about which will ensure your new custom closet is practically timeless and well-designed.

Trend #1. Walk-in closet re-design

Why did you decide to create a custom walk-in closet for your home? Whatever your answer, we think it’s important to go beyond the superficial and discover why you want one.

It’s important to break down your goals and envision the perfect outcome of your design. For example, ‘create an upgraded, minimalistic wardrobe that spares time spent on picking outfits.’ You may be trying to re-design your closet without paying enough attention to your overall design “why”. Even if you add in all of the other walk-in closet trends, a well-designed one should have a clear overarching aesthetic.

Trend #2: Vibrant Colors

Some people prefer to stick to natural or muted colors. And understandably, you might want to keep these throughout your home. That said, adding some color to your walk-in closet is a great way to brighten it up. Not to mention, it’s also on-trend for 2022!

One idea to start is adding a new chair to your closet. Alternatively, you could paint one wall a fun color.

Trend #3: DIY Custom Closets

More than ever, people are turning to DIY projects, including custom closets. Why? In today’s busy world, there are plenty of tools and services available for you to keep up with your busy life.


Tried and true trends are a great starting point for designing your wardrobe. Most people would wear any new trend if they liked it, but there’s always something timeless that everyone wants in their closet. But trends should never dictate every aspect of your design! The trend is that everything changes, but we know that you’ll always keep functionality as your top consideration with this type of design. Even if your closet looks stylish, it doesn’t mean it’s working for you.