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Add Curb Appeal in Under an Hour!

Quick curb appeal projects you can complete in an hour on your property! Hurry up, if you get started, you could be finished before you know it.
Curb appeal is crucial to selling a home, and if you don’t have enough time, funds, or tools, it can be hard to make dramatic changes. There are lots of cheap and fast ways to update your home, and it can be a lot of fun for DIY-ers. Roll up your sleeves for some projects that will not only increase the beauty of your home but make you feel accomplished too!

5 quick ideas for instant curb appeal

Get started with one (or more!) of these ideas:

1. Change up your house numbers

House numbers are a requirement for so many places’ emergency services, so why not make yours stand out? Whether you need one for your personal blog, a marketing campaign, or the copy for your website, there are a ton of options that fit any style and budget. You can find plastic or metal numbers in a variety of colors and materials. Find a style you like and make sure they are visible from the curb. For example, if you want to add numbers to your door or porch column, set them so they can be seen right away.

2. Decorate your doorstep

Hang a fun, seasonal wreath to make your front stoop more inviting, and lay out a fresh doormat for guests. If there is any room left on your porch, adding some outdoor furniture with bright pillows or a colorful flag will make it much more enjoyable to spend time outside. You could also add some flowers for extra decoration. The possibilities are endless!

3. Tend to your landscaping

A well-kept yard shows that you care about your space. Trim back overgrown plants and dead ones. Then, a quick weeding session and adding some new mulch to existing flowerbeds should help improve their look. Don’t forget to mow the grass and rake up all the trimmings before any showings!

Update the appearance of your landscaping with only a few new plants. Make sure to decorate your garden or porch with different materials like plastic, terra cotta, wood or concrete. Instantly liven up a space with seasonal plants! Place window flower boxes outdoors to create a cozy cottage-like feel inside.

4. Refresh the mailbox

You’ll be amazed at the difference a fresh new mailbox will make to your curb appeal and property value. Why not make your old mailbox look better with an update? Give the whole thing a shiny new look with some outdoor spray paint, or just make it nicer by fixing up the surface.

5. Wash your exterior

When it comes to the state of your house, a dirty home is not only unsafe to live in, but it also lowers the value of your property. Cleaning up can be hard work, but with a pressure washer or some brushes and soap, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it’s done. Don’t forget to not only clean the outside of your home, siding, etc. Include your gutters, windows, sidewalks and driveway. You’re sure to get some Wow from your neighbors.

Get started on your exterior mini-reno today! You’re sure to get some happiness out of the progress you see. The best part, is it only took an hour!